Rashad Akbari


MSc, Marketing, University of Stirling, UK (1997).
31 years' work experience, of which 15 years in banking.
Joined BBK in 2000.

Yousif Ali Mirza

Vice Chairman

Association of Business Executive - UK (1995)

Business Administration Diploma Level
33 years in Payment Services
Joined CrediMax in 2007

Hassaan Mohammed Burshaid

Board Member

MSc, Human Resource Management, 
DePaul University, United States of America (2006).
23 years of experience in the field of human resources.
Joined BBK in 1998.

Nadeem A.Aziz Kooheji

Board Member

BA in Finance and International Business, 
University of Texas - Austin, United States of America(1988).
11 years' audit and 20 years banking experience.
Joined BBK in 1999.