Invita launches its real-time Virtual Presence Solution

Invita Company B.S.C. (closed), an ISO and PCI-DSS certified – leading provider of Business Process Outsourcing BPO and Digital Transformation Solutions launched its all new Virtual Presence (video call & co-browsing) solution. This solution will help your businesses move your sales and customer services processes online and engage your customers through your online presence. Invita’s virtual presence solutions will be able to offer your customers the same comfort and assurances of meeting and interacting with your representatives.

In the last one year, Businesses and customers have had to rethink the way they interact, access or provide the services that would have required them to be visiting and meeting each other. Invita has been following the adoption of business-grade video chat solutions, which have been on the horizon for the past few years, however the need to adopt these technologies has never been in greater focus, than in the last one year.

Invita has found that data from early adopters of these solutions have shown that this has been beneficial to both businesses and the customers. Invita believes that a video call combined with co-browsing (together known as Virtual Presence) has helped take Customer Services and Telesales to a different level, providing face to face interaction and help communicate more effectively and efficiently. Virtual Presence is the answer to the need for greater customer empowerment, for those customers who have grown used to making their buying decisions, by doing their own research and comparisons online. Combined with other solutions, Virtual Presence has been used to complete end-to-end sales processes online.

“We strongly believe that these Virtual Presence solutions are here to stay and undergo further advancements. With greater access to businesses using one’s smartphone, these solutions will be in greater demand as an alternative to a visit or an in person meeting.” says Rahul Bhalla, CE, Invita.

If you are interested in taking your company a step further, Invita can walk you through it with Virtual Presence Solution, in addition to its wide range of RPA based technologies.