Invita Pioneering Work From Home Services During COVID-19

“Invita’s early investments in IP based private cloud hosting has allowed almost 50% of call center staff to work from home or client locations during Covid19,” Rahul Bhalla, Invita Chief Executive.


Invita, a PCI-DSS certified - leading provider of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Digital Transformation Solutions, has announced that it is handling substantially higher call volumes due to the COVID-19 pandemic and has managed the workload whilst complying with Ministry of Health’s safety regulations, leveraging their early investments in IP based Contact Center Solution.

“Almost 50% of our call center staff are either working from home or from client locations thanks to the early investments we had made in IP based private cloud hosting setup.” said Rahul Bhalla, Invita’s Chief Executive. “The heavy investment in infrastructure has reaped numerous benefits during this challenging time, allowing us to ensure the safety of our staff and have them work from home, from day one and maintain and provide our customers with value added services such as telebanking IVR, WhatsApp, AI BOT, Dialer, co-browsing and alternate channels immediately”, he added.

In addition to call center staff benefiting from working from home, Invita also installed digital contactless security solutions in operations facility, which would also monitor and record employee temperatures at entry points. In addition, the Company implemented a robust sanitizing regime which included a daily disinfection routine and a weekly deep office cleansing. New office space was also rented to ensure employees could apply social distancing norms.

“The Pandemic has been a very challenging time for businesses, with numerous companies having to delay hiring. Considering that, I am very pleased to announce, that not only did Invita retain 100% of its staff during the Pandemic, but we also hired an additional 70 new staff since March 2020. We were also recognized by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs for consistently maintaining a high level of Bahrainization, which currently stands at 88%,” Mr. Bhalla concluded.