Invita’s RPA Solutions Move Companies into the New Age

Companies in Bahrain face lots of challenges in dealing with the ever-changing business world. Invita, a PCI-DSS certified - leading provider of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Digital Transformation Solutions provides its customers with a wide range of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions.

Invita’s RPA solutions offer crucial tools that help companies achieve Hyperautomation.

With strong built-in capabilities of Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Understanding (NLU), and Machine Learning (ML), RPA, Data integration, Chatbot Platform, it can automate both IT and business operations.

Our clients are provided with software robots or “bots” that learn, mimic and execute daily business processes repetitively, without ceasing and with zero mistakes. Companies today rely on data, which comes in different formats and from different sources. With Invita's RPA solutions, companies can create a system that reads all kinds of data and provides an output in the required format. The idea behind RPA deployment is to modernize your operational processes and offer you exponential productivity improvements, through cost optimization. 

Commenting on it, the CE of Invita Rahul Bhalla said "Our solution focuses on transforming operations and services  in companies, which have to rely on legacy operations and systems. Our solutions can be applied across diverse industries, including banking, insurance, healthcare, and other data-intensive businesses. With our RPA solutions, companies can benefit from lower costs, higher revenue, and better serve customers. Our focus is to help companies achieve digital excellence and increase our digital offerings in the market. Whether you are in the banking, insurance, trading, healthcare or any other sector, RPA is your way forward.”

There are many ways you could go wrong, but there is only one right way. Invita’s RPA solutions are the right way for your company to increase its productivity and reduce its costs.