Our highly successful strategy of teaming with the industry’s best institutions stems from our mission to help our clients succeed.

In our commitment to provide clients with superior end-to-end services, we form our partnerships with the best-in-class companies both domestic and international that can deliver comprehensive solutions that perfectly meet the requirements of our clients and enhance the customer experience.

Our partners complement our capabilities and allow us to offer services and solutions that are better aligned with client needs in a dynamic market place.

With international standards instilled deep in our philosophy, our landmark partnership with CosmoCom was formed to allow businesses to benefit from CosmoCom’s sophisticated Contact Center technology. The proven Contact Center technology is the platform of choice for Invita and the award-winning CosmoCall Universe brings unrivalled quality and innovation to our offering. Other successful partnerships with Cisco, HP, Microsoft and Dell ensure that our clients are dealing with names they can trust.

Invita’s dedication and enthusiasm for training has led to successful partnerships with renowned international accredited bodies, including International Business Training Association’s (IBTA) Certified Business Professional (CBP) programme. Such partnerships are guaranteed to provide our clients with world class training and development opportunities.

Strategic alliances with leading providers ensure high quality technology to support service delivery.