Providing software as a service rather than a product, we work with you to identify the best mix of services for your particular needs. A customized package is designed based on our in depth assessment of your processes and customer /management objectives.

In addition to handling your current processes, we also provide you with the option of re-engineering your processes to enhance efficiency. Through our result oriented Six Sigma compliant methodology IDEALTM for Process Management, we will move your company from its ‘As Is’ situation to its ‘To Be’ position. The end result will positively impact your return on investment. You will allocate your valuable resources to support your core business, while securing the necessary technical expertise.

Six Sigma – Six Sigma has been a globally accepted corporate quality methodology, endorsed by various companies in both production and services sector. SixSigma provides a disciplined, structured, data intensive approach towards process improvement and reduction of variance and defects. It has been able to produce significant benefits to different businesses and organizations.

Invita has adopted Six Sigma as its Quality Methodology for both continual process improvements and business process management. Focusing on its customers needs of designing and establishing processes around different customer service function;

Invita is a trusted partner for clients across industries