About our Call Center

Invita manages the largest multilingual call center in the region from its base in the kingdom of Bahrain, helping our clients stay connected to their customer and respond to unpredictable and complex challenges. 

Invita provides instant customer responsiveness, distribute communications and ensure that every customer interaction positively builds your brand.

Business Intelligence

Invita delivers rich business intelligence gained by listening to the market and leveraging big data that is collected and analyzed using next generation tech. We work with clients to establish feedback mechanisms that provide valuable customer insights into their product and service offerings, allowing them to innovate and meet their customers’ real needs.

Social Media Listening and Management

Invita manages your online presence with strategic social media listening and social media management tools. We track, analyze, and respond to conversations about a brand on social media, advise on social media strategy, publish content, and engage and interact with audiences to build brands in the online space.