Today’s rapidly changing business environment brings with it increased concerns and difficulties, in the face of physical, financial, human resource and technological constraints. The result has been a growing trend for businesses to seek innovative solutions capable of transforming them into agile, flexible and efficient organisations by outsourcing certain processes that fall outside of their core competencies.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services enable companies, regardless of size, to focus on their principal responsibilities, while responding quickly and effectively to specific challenges, by managing and administering their non-core business lines.

The outsourcing of Customer Service operations has been a rapidly evolving trend globally and Invita’s state of the art in-house Contact Center, makes Invita the ideal provider to take over these and other responsibilities.

Invita’s range of BPO services can give you access to advanced technology and skill sets as well as offering increased productivity, efficiency and innovation. By off-loading your most labour-intensive business activities, Invita can help release in-house resources to focus on your company’s strategic planning and business development.

Our services and solutions are tailor-made to fit both the industry and our client companies, suitably addressing the critical needs of the organisation and delivering a competitive edge enabling our customers to stay ahead of their rivals.

Vast expertise in operations management, communications, regulatory control and business process excellence are integrated to provide immediate business impact and long-term financial value.

In addition to handling current processes, Invita also provides options for re-engineering processes to enhance efficiency through an internationally-recognised business management strategy that seeks to improve business processes and eliminate defects.

Invita offers two main areas of BPO services; interactive and automated. Within the interactive services, we offer;

• Customer services – both Inbound and Outbound
• Technical Helpdesk
• Order management
• Appointment management
• e-Surveys

For those companies wishing to use Invita’s automated services, we provide a wide selection of options including:

• Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
• Video Contact Center
• Payment IVR
• Short Messaging Services (SMS)

As one of the first companies in the region to respond to the growth of BPO, Invita is now well-established as a market leader in the field and our continued success has seen the company, and its clients, go from strength-to-strength.