In line with Invita’s aspiration to put you in touch, with intelligence, this intelligence is encapsulated across Invita’s work space.

Our workspace combines the most contemporary elements of an environment conducive to providing top-quality customer care, as well as optimizing the enjoyment of work for our team.

Designed with consummate Italian expertise and flair, our state of the art facility is an exemplary model of a contemporary, hi-tech business headquarters.

Incorporating multiple intelligent features, the facility was conceived to maximise the performance of our team to ensure delivery of unsurpassed service.

The highly conducive working environment brings out the best in our team which in turn encourages them to deliver top quality customer care. It’s not just our work culture that our staff enjoys – There is a recreational room equipped with TVs, Gaming facility and internet terminal for our staff. We aim to create an enjoyable work environment. When designing our facilities our clients, as well as our employees, were the primary consideration. A special acoustics system ensures clear communication between contact center advisors and their callers and this is complemented by a state-of-the-art lighting system which has been designed to optimize comfort and boost employee performance.

The offices include a specially built training simulation room where our employees practice and perfect their skills. High-security systems ensure that access to the premises, equipment and client data is closely monitored around the clock and uninterrupted power supplies guarantee that your business will be unaffected by local power disruptions. Invita’s premises also house a dedicated premium space for clients who wish to have their servicing needs met in especially dedicated, limited-access areas which ensure total privacy.