Invita Increases Security of Services with PCI-DSS Compliance

In line with efforts to deliver superior services, Invita, a regional Business Process Outsourcing leader has upgraded the PCI-DSS compliance certification to PCI DSS v3.2.1. Invita was the first Third Party BPO in Bahrain to receive the PCI DSS Certification in 2017.

PCI-DSS stands for Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standards, developed by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, consisting of best practices for handling Customer Credit & Debit Card transactions, the evolving data security threats are increasing in severity as well as frequency, attacks with malicious intent threaten all organizations dealing with sensitive information and the organizations have to ensure that proper care is taken to protect the sensitive data. Thus PCI-DSS compliance has become a key best practice in the banking & finance industry as well as merchants across the world.

Considering the potential threats, all the banks in Bahrain were required by the Central Bank of Bahrain to comply with PCI-DSS and as Invita has been working with many of the leading banks in the Kingdom, Invita took upon the initiative to improve its PCI-DSS certification to the latest standard. Invita has been certified by the PCI DSS certification (v3.2) in 2017 and as part of the recertification and upgrade has undergone rigorous auditing of its Data Center and its Operations to validate Invita’s adherence to the Data Security requirements and practices advised by the PCI Council as part of the certification. As part of the validation process, Invita was required to; ensure that Invita’s IT networks and system were compliant with PCI-DSS requirements, measures are in place to protect cardholder data, amongst other measures, in addition to re-engineering the processes to minimize the footprint of Card Holder Data as well as security awareness training for the entire company.

Talking about the company's initiative, Invita CEO Rahul Bhalla said, "The recertification and the upgrade, exemplifies Invita’s commitments to its clients and to protect the customer data."