Launch of Chatbot
Bahrain based Invita, an ISO 9001:2008 and PCI DSS v3.2 certified BPO, has announced the launch of Invita’s first artificial intelligence powered Chabot ‘IVA’ –Invita Virtual Assistant. Invita has taken an innovative approach to Customer Service with this launch. 
Speaking at the launch Invita CE, Mr. Rahul Bhalla commented: IVA is an AI-powered chatbot, , that leverages Microsoft Bot Framework and Microsoft Cognitive Services, a set of tools that organizations can use to add intelligent and conversational features to their applications. IVA can be deployed on both digital and voice channels to deliver seamless conversational experience, regardless of the channel. As customers are increasingly demanding quicker access to services and information and greater level of control, the present day IVR based Self Service solutions are becoming seemingly counterintuitive, with their complex structures. These are being replaced by AI-powered virtual assistants which have proven to be very effective in delivering a better End Customer Experience and providing valuable intel on customer and market behavior to businesses.

IVA enables intuitive customer experience in a relatable human-like way, answering product related queries and guiding the customer to the right information in real time.  Customer will no longer need to traverse through a company’s website, tackle frustrating IVRs or wait over the phone to be attended for the information that they need. Instead, they can now interact directly with IVA and resolve their query quickly.

“Our business is all about developing and expanding the realm of Customer Experience, by introducing new touchpoints and communication channels. We are committed to exploring emerging technologies that can deliver information in an easy, efficient and speedy manner. 
Telling customers what they need to know, at the right time, can immensely enrich the Customer Experience. IVA will get smarter with every customer interaction, learning from previous interactions, to become more effective and valuable.

With IVA, our clients can engage their customers better, across todays’ most popular messaging platforms.